Monday, May 11, 2015


So Im writing this really quick because Im leaving for my mission.

If you want your blog to go to your facebook account or your twitter account you can use to do that. It might sound complicated but they made it super easy. Its a great way to let all of your facebook friend follow your blog without having to burden your parents with updating your facebook status.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Processing on Blogger Update

So after contemplating the meaning of life and what not, I thought it best to find a more secure solution to getting processing to work on blogger. The last post used processingjs's server to get the file that translates processing to javascript. This works but I doubt they like my blog hitting their servers every time someone loads a page. Introducing "The Drive Solution"

The Drive Solution

  1. go to and create a google doc file
  2. copy and paste the script from 
  3. Rename your file to processingjs.min.js
  4. go to File >> Publish to the web...
  5. copy the link they give you and use it as your src

<script src="processing.js"></script>

should now become
<script src=""></script>